Cialis 20mg

Optimal dosage of Cialis

Choosing the drugs for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction it is necessary to check not only the reputation and popularity of the medical products but also its pharmacological properties. Choosing the pills for the improvement of the erection it is needed to understand that the less active component in one pill is, the more effective the active component is, and the less harmful these pills for the body are.

Cialis is the most optimal medical peroral medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. The experienced doctors recommend to take 1 pill of Cialis containing 20 mg of Tadalafil.

Cialis 20 mg effectively increases the blood filling of the penis, causes a firm and prolonged erection, and according to its therapeutic efficiency it is not worse that Viagra which contains 100 mg of the active component. Despite Cialis 20 mg 5 times less of the active component than in Viagra it acts within 36 hours, and it is 9 times longer than the action of Viagra.

In case of the diseases of kidney or liver men are recommended to reduce the daily dose, or take the drug for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction not often. The matter is that all medical components are filtered by kidneys and liver, and then they are excreted from the body. The less medical components pass through these important organs, the less energy the body uses in order to filter these components. Therefore, Cialis 20 mg is the most optimal dosage for both healthy men and men with diseases of liver or kidneys.

But the treatment should be started not from the maximal dose of Cialis 20 mg but from minimal doses gradually following the reaction of the body to the active components of the drug.

If the additional stimulators of the erection have not been used earlier, it is desired to start the treatment of the erectile dysfunction from the dose of 5 mg of Cialis a day. After a short-term therapy (3-4 days) the dose may be increased by two times. Gradually increasing the dosage within a week you will find out the effective dosage regimen which will work in your clinical case.

Taking Cialis 20 mg within a long period of time the patients do not have the psychological or physiological addiction. Therefore, the patients should not control the time of the drug use and change the dosage every week. Cialis 20 mg is not obligatory to be taken on the regular basis because you will not be able to completely cure of impotence during the course of the treatment.

Cialis 20 mg improves the erection in the state of excitement and does not influence on the general efficiency of the drug therapy which should be done in parallel with the use of the potency stimulators.